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Heritage Safaris operates under Luke Samaras Safaris Ltd in the Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania.

Tanzania and especially the Selous has an undisputed reputation for producing exceptional dangerous game trophies, and is well represented in the SCI Record Books. The hunting prospects for dangerous game are fantastic. The country is especially highly regarded for buffalo hunting. The Selous is also well renowned for the immense population of Crocodile, Hippo and Leopard, which are abundant in our blocks.

There are plenty of opportunities to hunt plains game in the Selous as well. The Game Reserve in the southern portion of the country holds a wealth of wild game species like Eland, Kudu, Lichtenstein Hartebeest, Nyasa Wildebeest, Roosevelt Sable, etc.

With truly staggering numbers of animals combined with excellent trophy quality hunting in Tanzania is known to be the holy grail of all hunts with big game hunters all over the world. When on safari in the Selous you will be immersed in the largest and oldest wilderness in all of Africa. This is the Selous Game Reserve located in Southern Tanzania, remaining essentially as it was hundreds, if not thousands, of years ago.


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