The benefits of licensed, regulated hunting in Tanzania
Author: Conservation Force    Date Published: 22 March 2019

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Twenty-seven safari hunting operators, owned and marketed by thirteen parent companies and together protecting over 121,423 km2 in Tanzania, provided data to Conservation Force describing their contributions to anti-poaching, community assistance, habitat protection, wildlife monitoring, and more. In the 2013-2015 period, their contributions to anti-poaching, community assistance, and habitat protection alone topped $9.8 million. That $9.8 million in conservation spending is over and above any government fees, and has largely been unaccounted for and overlooked by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the media, and the general public. Yet that funding represents obvious “enhancement” (benefits) supporting the African ilon in the wild.

These contributions are immense, but they are still under-representative. Not all safari hunting operators provided data to Conservation Force. For example, the well-documented anti-poaching program of the Friedkin Conservation Fund is not included in that $9.8 million. Conservation Force also discovered that U.S. hunting clubs have funded over $1 million in lion research since 2010. Taken together, and supported by over 2,700 pages of source documents, it has become clear that licensed, regulated hunting in Tanzania pays for most lion conservation in that country.

This short summary highlights the primary findings of Conservation Force’s study, which focused on the past three years (2013-2015).

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