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Conservation, and sustaining natural wildlife to thrive in the Selous is extremely important to Heritage Safaris.

Tanzania is the biggest country in East Africa, the hunting districts amongst the best in Africa and the game populations are very well controlled. The country has set-aside one quarter of its total land as wildlife habitat, a strict game management program is carried out and constant efforts are made to control poaching.

Heritage Safaris contributes annually to the private conservation efforts of Luke Samaras Ltd to ensure the longevity of the Selous species and communities in Tanzania.

1. African Professional Hunter's Association

1.1. Pledge to Obey and Adhere to the APHA Code of Conduct
Author: Stephan Stamm    Date Published: 03 August 2019New

Stephan Stamm from Heritage Safaris' Pledge to Obey and Adhere to the APHA Code of Conduct.  Read more...

1.2. Open letter from the President of the APHA
Author: Jason Roussos    Date Published: 03 August 2019New

Unless you have been to Africa and ventured beyond the well-travelled roads and comfortable accommodations found in many of the continent’s great national parks, you will never understand the real reason why Africa’s precious wildlife is in such peril. You will never see firsthand what poor rural Africans must deal with to just survive on a day-to-day basis, often in direct conflict and competition with wildlife.  Read more...

2. Magazine Features

2.1. PH Spotlight – Stephan Stamm Founder of Heritage Safaris & Passionate PH
Author: SCI Magazine    Date Published: 09 August 2016 91

You can say that Stephan Stamm has hunting roots deep within his blood. Since he was a young boy living in Switzerland his father would take him along on his hunts in Europe and his safaris in Africa and this is where Stephan’s deep passion for African hunting began. Since then Stephan has hunted many African species himself including taking the Big 5 before founding Heritage Safaris and becoming a dedicated PH.  Read more...

2.2. African Hunting Gazzette feature
Author: T.J. Schwanky    Date Published: 09 June 2019 119

The plan was perfect; we'd slipped into the blind during the pre-dawn darkness with minimal fuss and now all we had to do was wait for the sun to rise. The big male leopard had been showing up on the trail camera just before dawn and feeding well into the morning. It all seemed pretty easy. Perhaps too easy. Chui has a way of changing plans.   Read more...

2.3. Jagen Weltweit Magazine feature
Author: Daniel Hengartner    Date Published: 22 March 2019 60

Im Juli 2016 brachen 2 Schweizer zu einer waschechten Safari nach Ostafrika auf. Es ist der Traum vieler Jäger, einmal im Leben dort aus dem Vollen zu schöpfen. Nichts anderes taten die beiden Jagdfreunde. Ihre Tagebuch-Notizen...  Read more...

3. Conservation

3.1. People Don't Care How Much You Know Until They Know How Much You Care!
Author: Gerhard R. Damm    Date Published: 10 April 2007 76

President Teddy Roosevelt said more than 100 years ago 'People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care'. This statement aptly describes the present status of the relationship between hunters and non-hunters.  Read more...

3.2. The benefits of licensed, regulated hunting in Tanzania
Author: Conservation Force    Date Published: 22 March 2019 87

Twenty-seven safari hunting operators, owned and marketed by thirteen parent companies and together protecting over 121,423 km2 in Tanzania, provided data to Conservation Force describing their contributions to anti-poaching, community assistance, habitat protection, wildlife monitoring, and more. In the 2013-2015 period, their contributions to anti-poaching, community assistance, and habitat protection alone topped $9.8 million.  Read more...

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