Planning and Info

Once your Hunting Safari in Tanzania is booked, we'll collect all the necessary information from you to assist with all the legalities, to ensure your safari will be hassle-free and without incident.


Visa & Passport Regulations

An entry visa is required for entry into Tanzania for most nationals. US, Canadian, European and Mexicans all require a visa which is obtainable either one of two ways:

(1) upon entering the country.

Visas can be obtained upon arrival into Dar es Salaam with $100 USD in cash for US citizens and $50 USD in cash for non-US citizens along with a completed landing form, which is provided on the counter located by passport control. The fee, the completed landing form and passport must be submitted at the passport control. A visa will be entered into the client’s passport and the client will be allowed to exit to baggage claim.

(2) in advance of entering the country.

A visa can be obtained by application through the mail or in person at the Tanzanian Embassy in the client's resident country. It is always recommended to contact the Embassy of Tanzania within your country prior to travel for the latest regulations / information.


Importing Firearms

Firearm import permits are organized by Heritage Safaris on behalf of every client. Once your safari is booked we will collect the necessary information from you to submit the application for your temporary import license. 1 of our staff members works very closely with the issuing office to ensure smooth and prompt service. The application should be submitted no less than 2 weeks prior to import of the firearm(s).


Dipping, Packing and Export and Trophies

All trophies are prepared and handled very delicately and with precision by our very experienced skinners in the camp to ensure perfect condition. Heritage Safaris along with our Partner Luke Samaras Safaris organize the dipping & packing and export of trophies out of the country to the desired taxidermy of the client’s choice. We are very experienced in ensuring the proper export documents are in place for hassle free export.


Health and Safety

We organize Flying doctor medical insurance for every visitor into the Selous whether hunter or observer. This covers the client with prompt emergency medical air rescue in case of emergency.

We are also equipped with extensive professional medical supplies in the camp as well as a trauma first aid kits on every vehicle to tend to minor and major medical emergencies.

Malaria is present in virtually the entire country and appropriate malaria medication should be taken by anyone visiting Tanzania.

In advance of any international travel we suggest that you consult with your doctor to determine if there are any precautions you should take in advance of departure.



The currency in Tanzania is Tanzanian shilling. USD is also widely accepted in Tanzania, sometimes even preferred over local currency. However, US banknotes which were issued before 2006 are not accepted. Euros are acceptable but not preferred over USD.

Paying with dollars is possible in all better establishments in Tanzania. For local shopping and smaller expenses, like shopping on markets and local restaurants, bus tickets Tanzanian shillings are a must to have in your wallet.



At the conclusion of the safari gratuities for staff can be left with the PH in charge. Please ask for our Gratuities Advisory Sheet for guidance.



Since Tanzania is close to the equator, it has a tropical climate with small variations in temperature between summer and winter. Tanzania experiences periods of wet weather during November to January and again from March to May.



Selous - Temperature

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May June
Average high - °CF 32/90 32/90 32/90 31/87 30/86 29/84
Average low - °CF 23/64 23/63 22/59 22/43 20/43 18/37
  July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average high - °CF 29/84 29/84 31/87 32/90 33/92 32/90
Average low - °CF 17/37 17/41 19/46 20/54 22/57 23/61


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