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Conservation, and sustaining natural wildlife to thrive in the Selous is extremely important to Heritage Safaris.

Tanzania is the biggest country in East Africa, the hunting districts amongst the best in Africa and the game populations are very well controlled. The country has set-aside one quarter of its total land as wildlife habitat, a strict game management program is carried out and constant efforts are made to control poaching.

Heritage Safaris contributes annually to the private conservation efforts of Luke Samaras Ltd to ensure the longevity of the Selous species and communities in Tanzania.

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1. Open letter from the President of the African Professional Hunters’ Association *.pdf format (280kb)
2. Pledge to Obey and Adhere to the APHA Code of Conduct *.pdf format (223kb)
3. African Hunting Gazzette feature *.pdf format (1Mb)
4. SCI Safari Magazine – PH spotlight *.pdf format (4,2Mb)
5. Jagen Weltweit Magazine feature *.pdf format (1,8Mb)

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